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In Corfu there is a custom according to which we make loukoumades originating from a Venetian pastry that the locals used to call, in the old days, “tiganites” (pancakes). This custom was kept on the feast of Saint Dimitrios till the 11th of December, morning on the eve of the fest of Saint Spyridon, the island’s patron saint. All those days, the kantounia(alleyways) were full of the temting smell of the fresh baked loukoumades (tiganites tagiou, pancakes in the honor of the Saint).

So, to honor St. Spyridon, the housewives would make loukoumades in the grates and in the prinus stoves and the peddlars in the fogeres and the braziers.The people of Corfu according to their tradition, on the eve of the feast of St. Spyridon, make the vegioni, meaning they go on a vigil in St. Spyridon’s church. So, in order to deal with tiredness, sleepless and discomfort due to the lack of sleep, they eat loukoumades in the light and under the flame of the lightened fogeres. This custom survived till the present day!

For all those that do not know, a waffle is a pastry baked on both sides in a metal cake tin, so as to get the characteristic shape of square hives. The waffle, a creation of the princely cuisine, is served hot and, according to the mythology, it was discovered in the 18th century by the chef of the prince of Liege, who at the prince’s claim,experimented with a type of dipping by adding crystal sugar in the dough. As a result, the prince was fascinated by the delightful aroma of the vanilla that was coming out during the baking. He was not only one, of course, and thus the flame of waffle spread out very quickly. Today known as “Belgian Waffle”, it continues to attract the lovers of good food!